Rebuilding A M Equipment Windshield Wipers


Webmaster's Note: Dave Bell, owner of NT 37-058, Escapade, provided the SENTOA Listserver with valuable information about A M Equipment wiper rebuild.

Just replaced wipers, wiper arms, and wiper drive assemblies on our 2002, 37-058, tug. Caution to owners of older tugs like ours. The electric wiper motors have a drive assembly between the motors and the actual wiper arms. If you have rust showing on the secondary wire arm assembly then you probably have the same issue that we had: the drive assembly is rusting up and putting a very heavy load on our 12V DC wiper motors. It would be prudent to replace these four parts before you burn up your motors:

(3) 302-2180 Wiper Blade 18” Frameless Wiper Blade
(3) 352-0066 MD Arm, Panto, Wet, 450mm (18”) Tapered Knurl, SS, L00 Wiper Dual Arm Assembly
(3) Pantograph Adaptor, Black 1.25” O.C. External Base with two mounting screw holes and Guide arm pivot
(3) 304-1203 Assembly, pivot, 51mm (2”) Drive Assembly

You can order these at:

Easy to install after you go to your local auto supply and purchase a wiper arm removal tool for about $15.00.


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