Cleaning of Walker Air Sep Air Filters


Webmaster's Note: An exchange of postings took place on the SENTOA listserv in January, 2008, regarding the proper procedures for the cleaning of Walker Air Sep air filters on Cummins engines. Pertinent information from that echange is posted below. Not all of this information was posted on the SENTOA listserv.


From: Jim Waskowich
To: "sentoa" <>
Subject: [Sentoa] Cleaning Walker Air Sep

Anyone cleaned their blue Walker Air Sep air filter? Got a recommended source for the cleaning kit? Can the K&N cleaning kit be used (available at NAPA, etc...)?

Jim Waskowich
Grand Adventure

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From: Ruth Janscon
To: Jim Waskowich
Subject: [Sentoa] Cleaning Walker Air Sep

Hi Jim -

Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but it's what we follow when cleaning the Air Sep.

Ruth & Bette
Annie B, 32-172
Norwalk, CT



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From: Michael Beemer  
To: "sentoa" <>
Subject: [Sentoa] Cleaning Walker Air Sep


See attached document from the Walker Air Sep wesbite. I included the Walker Air Sep during my Nordic Tugs presentation at Roche Harbor, Sping 2007. The instructions are rather simple and it doesn't need to happen very often.

Here are the part numbers for the cleaning kit. The NAPA is cheaper.

NAPA #735-3708
K&N #99-5001

Michael Beemer
Essential Provisioning


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