Battery Servicing Solution

By Alan Smith — Former Owner of Omega, 32-234, Tampa, FL

Make a filling station out of a gallon distilled water jug that has a good screw on lid. Drill two holes the exact size of your plastic tube into the lid. Insert tubing into top of lid so that tube reaches bottom of the jug. Insert second tube in the other hole about one inch. Glue both tubes to lid with super glue or similar. Glue both tubes topside and bottom of lid. The short tube only needs to be long enough for you to blow into it in order to fill the long tube with water the first time it is used.

Make the tube that reaches the bottom of the jug long enough to reach all your batteries while the jug rests on the deck of the wheel house. Add a valve to the long tube to shut off the water as you move the supply hose to the next cell or battery.

I used excess medical hose and valve but any pet shop or hardware store can supply the hose.

I use one of these for servicing my golf cart batteries at home. When the jug on the shelf gets low I refill it from a fresh one, reusing the original setup.



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