Coolant Draining Tip

By Robert "Clay" Claycomb — Deneige, 32-276, Santa Barbara, CA

Several months ago, I shared this tip with a fellow NT owner who has a similar boat.   I thought others might benefit from this tip. 

I have a Cummins 6BTA diesel in my 32 NT.  

Some years back I drained the engine coolant for the first time.   Unfortunately the coolant drain point is a pipe plug at the bottom of the heat exchanger.   With the drain plug removed, one can somewhat control the outgoing coolant flow by loosening or tightening the coolant reservoir tank cap.  In that first coolant draining process, I made quite a mess with spilled coolant.  

Before I refilled the coolant I gave it some thought and since my coolant tank was empty, I decided to install a small ball valve in place of the heat exchanger's coolant reservoir pipe plug.  

Prior to draining process, I screw in 90 degree elbow with a 3/8 hose barb fitting to the ball valves outlet port.  I then slip and clamp an 18 inch piece of 3/8 clear plastic tubing attached to the hose barb. With this method, I simply drain the coolant into old coolant containers with nothing being spilled. 

After the coolant is back to its proper level, and for safety purposes, I remove the 90 degree elbow fitting and tubing from the ball valve and replace it with a 1/4 pipe plug. The 90 degree elbow fitting and hose are then put in my parts box ready for the next time.  


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