Adding a Hatch to the Pilot House Overhead on an NT 26

By Elliot Kocen — Canvasback, 26-150, Solomons, MD

One of the additions we made to our NT 26 was to add an opening hatch to our Pilot House overhead to help cool the boat. After some research, we chose a Bowmar NIBO low-profile heavy duty aluminum frame hatch with smoked acrylic, model N1070A, with outside dimensions of 18 15/16" X 18 15/16". The hatch was installed on the port side just back from the forward port windows and just to the right of the forward top port side antenna mounting surface (see photos of installation below). We had to be careful on the location to insure that the cut out (16 ½" X 16 ½") didn’t interfere with existing wiring or interior fixtures. We were careful to caulk the flange and also to seal the exposed cut out deck area with epoxy. This last step was to insure that if the caulk failed, water wouldn't migrate into the cored plywood roof structure. Although the new hatch is not black as is the original hatch installed over the forward berth, the silver finish still looks very compatible.

We oriented the new hatch so that it opens aft to create air flow in conjunction with the forward opening berth hatch while at anchor (screens in both). It works great even when underway with the forward hatch closed. It stays dry and has one position that just cracks the hatch so you can keep out driving rain or high spray, one important benefit of the aft orientation.

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