How to Trim (Level) a Nordic Tug


Webmaster's Note: In response to a question from an owner on the SENTOA Listserv, Buddy Brown from Nordic Tugs, Inc., sent the following response on how to level a Nordic Tug.

The countertop, the seat boxes and the dash on a Nordic Tug should all be level.

To trim a Nordic Tug that is not level, start with the basics:

1. The first thing to do is put her on a diet. Go through and get rid of years of accumulation of stuff that's not really needed. Side note: check that the area under your focsle floor is not full of water (we just worked on another tug that had several gallons trapped there).

2. Tank her down (full water and fuel).

3. Move everything lightweight to the front (blankets, dry goods) and move everything heavy to the back (tools, spare anchor, etc.) If she lists to port move the heavy stuff to starboard. If she lists to starboard move the heavy stuff to port.

4. After you have done all you can with existing gear, start piling weight (sandbags or lead shot which is more compact but should be sleeved to prevent leakage) in the aft corner(s) of the cockpit until you achieve trim, fore and aft and side to side. Stash the weight in the lazarette as far outboard as you can.

Buddy Brown
Facilities, Safety and Compliance
Nordic Tugs, Inc.

360-757-8847 x107


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