Outboard Motor Mount for 1.25 Inch Rails


It's fairly simple to build your own outboard motor mount for about $35. You can purchase 3/8" "Starboard" plastic at West Marine. Cut two pieces approximately 1' x 1' and mark a "T" on one piece with 1-1/4" sections to represent where the stanchion and rail will go. Top of the T should be 2" below the top of the Starboard. Place the pieces together and thru drill about 3/16" holes (for #8 machine screws) on 3 sides about 1" in from the edges. Also drill two holes on each side of the leg of the T about 1" below the T.

Use the remainder of the Starboard to cut pieces 2" wide. You'll have to cut three pieces for each location because you will be building 1-1/4" spacers. Three stacked pieces will go across the top, full length. Two stacks of three will be horizontal under the separate arms of the T, two vertical stacks of 3 pieces along either side of the T all the way to the bottom of the Starboard and two stacks of three identical pieces for the outside edges. The bottom can be left open.

Use double stick tape to assemble it all into one piece of 1' square starboard, place the other 1' square piece on top and then thru drill the individual pieces using previously drilled holes as template. It may help to enlarge the holes in the interior pieces so they can move around a bit to facilitate final assembly. Finished product can then be assembled on your boat deck rail over an upright stanchion, typically on starboard side of the boat deck, just behind where the dinghy will be secured. Use #6 or #8 stainless machine screws and nuts with finish washers both sides, again all available at West Marine. Outboard will hang outside the rail so length of the shaft is unimportant. All of the weight will be on the rail and stanchion so the screws just hold the parts together.

Jim Moore
RILEY 37-085


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