Adding a Pilot House Table

By Tom VandenBerg — O'Tug, 37-110, Solomons Island, MD

We bought O’Tug (NT37-110 ) in January 2020.  While we were doing an inventory of the boat in early March, I saw the potential to build a table for the port pilot house seat.  I took some preliminary measurements while we were in New Bedford, MA.  While we waited for Spring and for the COVID restrictions to ease so we could deliver O’Tug to her new home in Maryland,  I designed and made the pilot house table and standoff mounting box.

The pilot house table holds two full-size plates and glasses and it allows us to sit in the pilothouse to eat lunch enjoying the great view. Also, I sit there with my laptop when we are anchored or at the dock. The table surface is 14” by 28” (15½” by 29½” overall with the fiddle rails).  With teak being so expensive, I decided to make the table out of mahogany. Truth be known, I had a 15” wide plank of mahogany in my shop. I finished it with 5 coats of Minwax Helmsman semi-gloss varnish.  I lucked out withthe finish matching the teak color close enough. 

It is mounted to a Lagun RV table system ( but you can a find better prices shopping around on the web).  This system allows the table to swing in two dimensions horizontally and the height is adjustable too.  It is removable from the mounting plate with the vertical support storing into a slot on the table’s mounting plate.  You can also see that I put the table mount off center to one side. This allows the table to be pushed back over the seat to access the port pilothouse door.

I had to make a stand off for the mounting box to bring the attachment plate out far enough to clear the seat cushion. The stand off is through bolted to the seat base.  Hard to see, but there is a removable cap to get a wrench inside the standoff for the bolts.

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