Removable Outboard Motor Bracket

By Bob Wiggins — Tugaloo, 26-149

I’ve always wanted to have a removable mount for an outboard on the swim platform of my tug.   I removed the swim platform and using the location of the support bracket holes in the platform, drilled matching holes in a ¼” sheet of aluminum plate.   I sketched out a design of the appropriate dimensions and had two pieces of 2” square aluminum tubing welded parallel to each other on the sheet of aluminum.   I fabricated the outboard bracket using two pieces of 1½” square aluminum tubing welded to two pieces of aluminum angle stock to which I attached the wood for the outboard motor clamps on the mount (see photos).   I drilled holes in each side through which pins could be inserted in order to keep the 1½”outboard bracket tubing from inadvertently sliding out of the 2” tubing.   The assembly was then placed between the swim platform and the platform support brackets and bolted in place.   Since my tug operates in fresh water, I was not concerned with the possibility of corrosion as a result of the aluminum sheet contacting the stainless swim platform brackets.   For tugs operating in salt water, owners could substitute stainless steel material for the aluminum material.


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