Maintenance of Shore Power Receptacle


Webmaster's Note: The following exchange that took place on the SENTOA listserv in November, 2005, documents procedures for preventive maintenance of shore power receptacles.


From: Rich Losch
To:; Dan Hilsinger
Subject: [Sentoa] Potential Shore Power Problems
Dan and SENTOA,

I was messin' with the shore power receptacle on my last trip to SEA RACER.  I was chasing AC grounds and possible leaks.  I loosened the 10/3 cable ties inside, and found the 2 screws on the strain relief in the backshell stripped (not a problem).   I didn't feel like pulling the receptacle out from the outside as I didn't feel like re-bedding. Anyway Dan, who is the shore power 30A receptacle manufacturer? Is there an exploded view of the receptacle available?  A picture and or exploded view would help immensely to all that venture forth into this mysterious part.

Rich Losch
SEA RACER  NT 42-041

From: "Bob Shamek"
To: "South East Nordic Tugs Owners Association \(SENTOA\)"
Subject: Re: [Sentoa] Potential Shore Power Problems

Hi Rich,

Dan doesn’t get SENTOA so I will respond. We use MARINCO shore power receptacles and you can see photos of them on page 8 of issue 6 in Nordic Tugs WAYPOINTS.  We do not have photos of the back side in a boat at this time. MARINCO web page ( does not have very good photos or exploded views.

Bob Shamek

From: Leslie K. Rothman
To: Dan Hilsinger
Subject: Potential Shore Power Problems


I don't know whether you read the SENTOA list or not but Bob Shamek does.  There has been a recent exchange about how to mitigate potential fire problems by tightening the vessel wore receptacle and Bob S. referred everyone to a View Points article on the subject.  I downloaded it and went to my boat yesterday but only was able to get as far as loosening the four external screws that held the receptacle cover.  I could not readily pull out the receptacle more than an inch, nowhere near enough to tighten the screws holding the wires as the article from Shamek recommended.  I realize that the wires are very stiff and perhaps if I pulled hard enough they might have come out.  I also realized that if there was no slack in them I might have pulled the whole thing apart or perhaps loosened it  dangerously without being able to see such or fix it, thus making it worse.
Ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated regarding this potential problem.
Les Rothman
AUTUMN SAGA, 37054F101

Subject: RE: Potential Shore Power Problems
From: "Dan Hilsinger"
To: "Leslie K. Rothman"

Hi Leslie

No I don't get SENTOA. Thanks for the heads up. In order to remove the shore power inlet socket from the outside of the boat, one needs to access the area inside the boat behind the inlet socket. In this area you will find that the 110 volt wire going from the inlet to the breaker panel will be secured with wire ties. The wire ties need to be cut so you can pull the inlet away from the boat. There may also be a cable clamp on the back of cover for the inlet. Remove clamp, tighten set screws for wires, then reinstall cable clamp. Note when reinstalling the inlet to the side of boat use some clear silicone on the mounting screws for inlet and gasket. If you have any other questions, please feel free to give me a call. My office hours are from 6:00 am to 2:30 pm PST, Monday thru Friday, 800-388-4517 (email:

Dan Hilsinger


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