Maintaining Old Teak and Finishing New Teak


Webmaster's Note: In response to a question from an owner on the SENTOA Listserv, Bob Shamek sent the following factory recommendaitons for restoring the inertior teak in your Nordic Tug.

Any lemon oil or light teak oil that West Marine sells will work for maintenance on the original teak.

For a new piece of teak, apply three (3) coats of teak oil. Nordic Tugs uses Dalys Seafin Teak Oil (West Marine sells it). Wet sand the teak with 320 grit sand paper; apply teak oil; let stand for five to ten minutes; wipe off excess teak oil and then let dry. Repeat using 500 grit, then 800 or 1000 grit and wipe clean after each sanding. If you do not wipe excess oil off completely you will need to sand it out another time. After the oil dries you can buff the finish for higher gloss. Drying time will very with temperature and humidity. Just make sure you let it dry between coats.

If the new teak is darker than your current teak, that's OK because it will fade. If it is the same shade or lighter, it will always be lighter as the teak will lighten in sun light. If anyone has further question drop me a note.

Bob Shamek
Nordic Tugs
360-757-8847 ex 108


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