Wave-Slap Noise Preventer


Attached is a picture of my Wave-Slap Noise Preventer. It shows the two panels laid out flat and the pockets into which I placed two swim-noodles each. There are three small lines that connect the two panels together and also three small lines on the top of each panel to connect to stanchions on the deck. This allows the panels to be pulled into place so that the noodle-pockets lay tightly under the chine at the water line. This arrangement eliminates the wave-slap noise.

I had a canvas man sew up the panels and put in the pockets and grommets. Any sailmaker can easily make these panels and, of course, the swim-noodles are available widely. I would estimate the total cost around $400 including all components and the lines for connection.

The length of each panel is 5' 8". This length accommodates a standard swim noodle. The width at the stern end is 24" and at the bow end is 18". The noodle pocket can be pretty much centered in each panel. It should be made so that the swim noodles fit tightly in the pocket. One end of the pocket should just be "tacked" so that the noodles can be removed if you want to inspect them or dry them out. I have not had to remove mine yet. There should be 3 grommets on each side of each panel.

I am of the opinion that one size probably will fit all Nordic Tugs with the possible exception of the 26. I sized it so that there is about 2 ft on either side of the point where the waterline intersects with the hard chine. Therefore, I think the coverage would work well on a 32 or 42 just as well as it does on my 37.

Dick Seymour
N/T 37-106, Sea Mischief



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