Cummins Wet-Exhaust Elbow Issues on Early NT37's

By Hank VanCalcar and Kelly Britz — Co-Owners of Sandpiper, 37-042, Edmunds, WA

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This article describes exhaust issues we encountered on our early NT37. It is a postscript to Cameron Sharpe and Jim West’s 2008 SENTOA article on high-temp exhaust issues they corrected on their early NT32’s. 

If you recognize the white Cummins wet-exhaust elbow in this picture (it’s bolted directly to the turbocharger at the back of the engine) and you’ve never had your wet-exhaust elbow off to inspect it, this article is for you. 


Ed. Note: Due to the length of this article it is being provided as an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file. Click the image on the right to view or download the file.


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